Monarch School’s Mission as a College Preparatory School

Monarch School was established​​ in ​​September of 2000 to create a college preparatory school with an atmosphere designed to promote academic excellence, positive self-image, strong character​ and sound reasoning. All students are taught to build the necessary foundation to support these goals and fulfill their individual visions. Students learn to persevere, problem​-​solve and develop strong leadership qualities, while assisting others in learning to help themselves. With the proper mentoring and guidance, our students become powerful role models and lifelong learners with a sense of personal investment, and accountability to self and others.

Monarch School ensures that our students receive the highest quality of education. All of the classes offered at Monarch School are fully accredited and transferable nationally as well as internationally. Not only are our academics recognized for being college preparatory​, but we are also nationally certified therapeutically. Nationally certified therapy ensures appropriate therapy is provided by qualified therapists. The therapeutic certification also ensures that Monarch School provides care for students who fit our therapeutic model​.