Culinary Arts

In Monarch School’s Culinary Arts program, students work with full-time professional chefs to plan, prepare, and serve meals for 75 to 100 people. In addition to the daily rigors of preparing food for such large numbers, students study the science of cooking. They learn the fundamentals of food safety as well as basic nutrition, such as how to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.  Each student is then required to take a state-sponsored food health and safety course. This level of certification allows our students to prepare many of the meals we enjoy here at Monarch School.

Mealtimes at Monarch represent more than just an opportunity to feed ourselves. Meals provide a respite from the daily rigors, a chance for us to slow down and connect with each other. Every student schedules a meal date with another student or staff that he or she wants to get to know better. These less formal settings allow staff and students to see each other as three-dimensional people, not simply as labels. This level of connection fosters a degree of respect that translates into all areas of our school and encourages us all to be our best selves.