Monarch School Team

Alysoun Johnston, BA Anthropology

Teacher - Social Science

Alysoun Johnston

Alysoun graduated from Kenyon College in 2001 with a BA in Anthropology and a concentration in Creative Writing.  Alysoun worked at the Office of Executive Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Design as an assistant coordinator for continuing education courses.  Alysoun also worked in a research capacity writing cultural and language annotations and developing reading comprehension exercises for ESL textbooks in collaboration with Spectacle Learning Media.

Since establishing her new home base in Idaho, Alysoun has gained a combined 10 years of experience in preparatory school education in a variety of learning environments where she has been able to bring her passions for music, the outdoors and writing to her teaching curriculum.  Alysoun is continuing her education through Oregon State University and the University of West Florida and will attend the National Council for the Social Studies conference annually to advance innovations within Monarch School’s social studies department.

Alysoun has been with Monarch School since 2006 teaching World History, U.S. History, Government and Economics in addition to developing a running class, study skills workshops, a Student Advisory Council.  In partnership with the math and science departments, Alysoun has also co-taught elective courses including Personal Finance and Yellowstone, an experiential learning course grounded in archaeological, geological, biological, cultural and historical study that culminates in a cross country ski tour of the national park itself.   Alysoun enjoys working with students on the cusp of adulthood as this educational forum provides such a unique opportunity to integrate cultural, social, economic and political issues both current and historical as they develop a strong sense of identity.

Though a New Englander at heart, Alysoun loves living in this beautiful part of the country that allows expansive opportunities to pursue her interests including fly fishing, skiing, white water rafting, hiking, guitar and singing.