Monarch School Team

Brian Grosenbaugh, MA English Literature

Teacher - English

Brian Grosenbaugh

Brian Grosenbaugh graduated from Whitman College in 1999 with a BA in English Literature and a minor in Spanish. After wending his way through Mexico, Belize and Guatemala, Brian arrived in San José, Costa Rica, where he began teaching English at La Universidad Interamericana. Brian taught Advanced Composition as well as TOEFL Preparation (Test of English as a Foreign Language.) This is a test much like the SAT that is designed to measure an ESL student’s ability to linguistically function in an American university setting.

In 2004, after spending two years at an advertising agency and one at a small business that imports gourmet food from Spain, Brian applied to and was accepted by the English Department of the Graduate School at the University of Montana. In his second year, Brian taught two sections of freshmen English composition, both consisting of about twenty-two students. In the spring of 2007, Brian received his Master’s Degree in English Literature. His thesis, entitled “Resistance on the Imperial Terrain: Constructing a counter-Empire in Paul Beatty’s The White Boy Shuffle,” analyzes postmodern methodologies of oppression and the potential for cohesive, nationwide racial representation in a postmodern age.

A celebratory stint catching salmon in Copper Center, Alaska, was cut short so that Brian could return to Montana to join the English department at Monarch School. Here he has taught units on the evolution of the detective novel, futuristic dystopias in science fiction, and world literature in the postcolonial era. As Chair of the English Department, Brian has revamped our senior English curriculum to focus on the major tenets author and works of Modernism and Postmodernism. Amongst the many things that continue to attract Brian to the students and academic environment at Monarch, Brian cites “the ability to engage students on an individual basis, the single digit class sizes and the relative freedom to construct curricula around particular student and instructor interests.” Brian also teaches the English sections of Monarch’s SAT preparation class. In addition, during the summer block Brian and our Drama teacher teach a unit on Shakespeare in preparation for a week-long journey to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.