Monarch School Team

Dr. Joe Wassif, Ph.D, PSY-PSY-LIC-1733

Clinical Director, Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Joe earned his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from West Virginia University, and has been working with adolescents and their families for the last decade, earning a variety of honors and awards. His diverse teaching and professional experiences working with therapeutic professionals, adolescents and their families since 2003 make him a great addition to Monarch School. Dr. Joe has worked as a direct care supervisor and supported both individual and group counseling in a variety of settings in the Therapeutic Wilderness and Therapeutic Boarding School arenas. Joe is a licensed psychologist in the state of Montana (PSY-PSY-LIC-1733).

With Dr. Joe’s extensive therapeutic experience working with adolescents struggling with Substance Abuse, Trauma, Autism Spectrum, Depression, Anxiety, Somatization, PTSD, Eating Disorders, and Personality Disorders, he brings an amazing skill set to Monarch School, our students and their families.

Dr. Joe also serves the larger NATSAP community as conference chair for the Rocky Mountain Region.