Monarch School Team

Mason Jones, BS Geology

Teacher - Math

Mason Jones graduated from Northern Arizona University in 1998 with a Bachelor of Mason JonesScience in Geology. While earning his degree, Mason began working for the Paleocultural Research Group in Flagstaff, AZ as a research assistant. After graduation Mason moved to southwestern Idaho to fully explore his passion for skiing. While living in Idaho, Mason began working at a therapeutic boarding school where he would take students on multiday excursions in order to explore the many beautiful places in the western United States. A few of the trips Mason was involved in lead students to Moab, UT, Mount Rainer, and the Cabinets and Selkirks of North Idaho. After a number of years of working with and helping at risk teens and their families, Mason moved into a number of management positions with the school where he was working. It was during this time that he realized he was spending more time in meetings about students rather than quality time with students.  It was from this experience in 2005 that he decided to move into the classroom to be a math teacher. Once in the classroom, Mason was able to connect with students on a level that was mutually beneficial. He has been teaching Algebra I & II, Geometry, Precalculus, and Calculus at Monarch School since 2008. He is currently working on his Masters in Mathematics Education from Lesley University.