Monarch School Team

Ray Brown

Teacher - Social Science

Ray2.webRay Brown graduated from the University of Montana in 2001 with a BS in Business Administration with the emphasis on Information Technology. In 2004 Ray returned to Montana to take over the family business. Ray also started substitute teaching in our local school district. It’s during this time that he discovered his passion for teaching. In June of 2016, Ray sold the business and has dedicated his life to pursue a career as an educator.

Ray has volunteered for Montana Hugh O’ Brien Youth Leadership (HOBY) for 23 years, serving as their Director of Recruitment and Leadership Seminar Chair. His efforts were recognized by HOBY National in 2011 as he was selected as the National HOBY Volunteer of the Year.

Ray enjoys concerts and the outdoors camping and hiking, and loves to spend time with his eleven year old son, Kael. He enjoys watching Kael play in his favorite sports: baseball and soccer. Ray’s son absolutely loves spending time on campus. “Kael really enjoys coming to Monarch. The campus is a mini adventure every time he shows up and the kids are absolutely in love with him. It’s like Kael’s got 40 older brothers and sisters.”