Monarch School Team

Robb Rossi, LCSW

Primary Therapist

robbrossiRobb earned his Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Minnesota and worked in wilderness therapy for four years prior to coming to Monarch. Growing up, Robb retreated to the lakes and woods of northern Minnesota where he learned the value of being in nature and self-sufficiency. He followed his calling in theatre for a couple decades, including working in a theatre program for professional performers with disabilities which created shows that toured internationally. Before long, Robb returned to the woods, this time providing adaptive guiding for people with mental and physical disabilities, and leading him to pursue a new career in mental health.

Many of the young adults working with Robb have conflicts in their family, are smart but struggle with academics, lack skills in tolerating distress, and may have struggles with chemical or behavioral addiction. Through narrative techniques and creative interventions from improvisation, poetry slams, and experiential activities, these clients learn to accept and express themselves. Robb also uses techniques from motivational interviewing, cognitive therapies, and dialectical behavior therapy to help clients build autonomy and nurture their own self-worth.

When he’s not working, Robb, his partner Rebecca, and their corgi Chuck like to wander and explore, or stay at home and pretend to be on cooking challenge shows.