Outdoor Education

Outdoor activities are an important part of each student’s curriculum at Monarch School. These experiences are designed to teach lifelong skills that students can use as adults. They are also meant to boost confidence and help students realize the benefits of a relationship with the outdoors.

Day Trips

A large variety of trips occur regularly, including day hikes, climbing, river trips, swimming, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, and peak ascents. Acting as a break from students’ daily routines, these off-campus experiences provide a place for students to test themselves and their personal development.

Students are always supported on these trips by qualified faculty who lend the emotional support needed to find success. The confidence built by pushing through self-imposed personal limits can assist each student in many other areas of their life. Students typically come back from these trips feeling really good about themselves and appreciative of the opportunity to discover new places.

Family Trips

Our school also coordinates kayaking and river rafting trips for a parent and his or her child. These trips are great for spending time together while working on your relationship. A parent may participate on these trips that happen during the summer months, last three to four days, and take place in the San Juan Islands or some of the lakes in the Pacific Northwest.