Monarch School is a college preparatory school dedicated to bringing the highest quality of education to our students and families. We provide our students a holistic education that focuses on a traditional college prep curriculum while also fostering inner-strength and a positive self-image through our extensive outdoor electives. Many of our students have struggled in traditional academic settings for a variety of reasons. We rely on small class sizes, individual tutoring and close interpersonal relationships to nurture the self-confidence and attention to detail necessary for future success. Students become proactive learners. Our average length of stay, twelve to fifteen months, typically allows students to earn one-and-a-half years of academic credits.

Monarch School believes that experiential education empowers our students to overcome fear and find learning opportunities wherever they may arise. We provide students with an outdoor elective curriculum that promotes consistency and responsibility. Our outdoor elective curriculum includes the organic gardening, woodshop, forestry and farm management. For our older students, we offer high school credit for students to job shadow or volunteer at local businesses. Not only do these activities give students a chance to experience the pace and expectation of real world business, they offer students another chance to add to their growing resumes.

All of our students learn the importance of community and the meaning of the phrase, “By helping others we truly learn to help ourselves.” Students find occasions on campus as well as in the local community to contribute. At school, students participate in the student council, partner with peers in our tutoring and mentoring program, become a dorm head, and care for our library as library assistants. Outside of campus, students visit seniors at local homes, play music at community events, take care of animals at the local animal shelter and help serve at the local soup kitchen. These opportunities inspire humility and gratitude as they prepare students to become part of larger communities.

The mountains and the rivers that create our immediate environment furnish a wealth of recreational opportunity, and we take advantage. We offer skiing and snowboarding at Schweitzer Mountain; whitewater rafting on the Clark Fork River; hiking, backpacking and rock climbing in the Cabinet Mountains and ranges all over the West; canoeing and sea kayaking throughout the Northwest; and our on-campus ropes course. These experiences challenge students to work through self-imposed limits and fears through the support and guidance of our highly trained faculty.

By providing a well-rounded experience, Monarch School educates students to constantly challenge themselves. They fall, they get up, they try again. They learn they have the ability to achieve anything. They learn that anything is possible.

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