Parent Support

We understand that physical separation from a child is extremely difficult. Monarch School is committed to supporting parents so that they are kept fully apprised of all aspects of their child’s progress.

Upon enrollment each family is assigned a volunteer parent mentor who is an alumnus. They are available to answer any questions and provide additional support to all of our families through e-mail and phone calls. In addition, we provide every incoming family with a parent handbook, a working manual designed to assist your family during your child’s journey at Monarch School.

Each month parents are encouraged to attend a monthly chat to discuss a variety of pertinent topics, such as: empowering your children, helping your children to advocate for themselves, identifying drama triangles, setting limits, negotiating crises, dealing with a girlfriend or boyfriend you don’t approve of, and more. Monarch School Primary Therapists moderate these chats and often include alumni parents in addition to current parents.

Communication after your child enrolls begins with weekly handwritten letters that students and parents each compose. Primary Therapist conduct weekly phone calls with parents until their first on-campus visit; thereafter, parents and the primary therapist work together to decide how often to schedule calls. Regardless of scheduled calls, parents may talk with school staff as often as needed. Parents are also asked to attend parent conferences that take place approximately every three months during our on-campus parent visits. For the most current information, parents can access the Monarch School Parent website. Online, parents find the latest Monarch School news and receive additional support from alumni parents and parents at various stages in our program.

Prior to graduation, all families attend a weekend-long graduation workshop that focuses on the transition from Monarch School. We invite student and parent alumni to come and share their post-Monarch School experiences. The alumni are available all weekend to meet with individual families. Parents of prospective graduates will also meet our transition therapist at the graduation workshop.

After graduation the transition therapist makes weekly calls to the family and student. She is available for further support anytime during the family’s transition from Monarch School for up to three months after graduation.

Family Counseling Services are available at Monarch School. We believe that family therapy sessions are crucial to a student’s emotional growth. A student’s assigned therapist facilitates these sessions via either phone or video conference. Honestly engaging the issues each family faces allows both students and parents to repair rifts, voice concerns, and reestablish a foundation of trust. This involvement enhances the child’s individual growth and reaffirms the importance of family.