Monarch Parent Foundation Support

The Monarch Parent Foundation supports and assists current and alumni families so they can complete their emotional growth programs successfully and retain, utilize, and build on their tools and values after graduation.

The Monarch Parent Foundation holds a yearly workshop for all parents, whether their children are currently enrolled or graduated. The workshop focuses on parenting young adults, using tools that we’ve learned and continuing our personal work.

For Current Families:  The Foundation provides current Monarch School Families with mentoring parents; hosts the parent website; facilitates conference calls with Monarch School staff and families; provides scholarships and financial aid; and runs the Graduation Workshop with Monarch School to provide insight and assistance on transitioning to post-Monarch School life.

For Graduate Families:  The Monarch Parent Foundation, in partnership with Monarch School, develops and facilitates programs for alumni families. These programs help parents and graduates retain and deepen their Monarch School tools and values while building a stronger, longer-lasting Monarch community. Our current graduate family programs facilitate regional workshops, the alumni parent website, and alumni parent/school conference calls.

Regional Meetings:  An annual regional meeting give current and alumni parents the chance to continue their parent education while networking with other families.

The Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation led and run by its Board of Directors.  Although the Foundation is independent with no organizational links to Monarch School, it works very closely with Monarch School to enhance programming for current and graduate parents and students. The Monarch Parent Foundation is an entirely volunteer organization with no paid employees and no fixed overhead of any kind.