Personal Development

Life Skills

Individual growth occurs daily, and while most students don’t recognize the time they spend with our Life Skills Instructors as “personal development,” they learn valuable skills and internalize a sense of competency. Life Skills Instructors create a nurturing, loving environment by creating personal relationships with each student, holding appropriate boundaries, and using every opportunity available as a mechanism to teach. Life Skills Instructors may assist students in cooking a meal or accompany them on a walk while discussing a troublesome issue. This individual time is designed to feel like real life, and the casual approach helps to ensure that students feel loved and at home.


Personal Development

A strong character and a personal code of ethics are essential to success. Students are continually presented with opportunities to develop both and are asked to expand the parameters of their self-knowledge daily.

Because emotional health is key to a productive life, Monarch School has created an environment for students to explore and understand issues standing in the way of their success. Students begin to explore their inner selves and develop tools that will serve them as healthy adults through individual therapy, group therapy, life skills instruction and family counseling.

Each major step toward the completion of the Monarch School program involves the student’s acquisition of increasingly complex skills and strategies as well as continued application of previously learned tools. If a student requires more time to assimilate the information, we develop particular strategies to focus on that student’s specific needs. Each student’s individual ability and level of motivation determine the pace at which he or she moves through the program.


Health and Nutrition

At Monarch School we believe that what we put into our bodies has a direct effect on our emotions and energy. Prior to Monarch School, many of our students lived on a diet of processed food and sugar, and they experienced the negative results of that diet. They reported sluggishness during the day, poor sleep, lack of concentration and emotional imbalance.

Monarch School meals are a balanced diet of healthy meats, fish and tofu for protein; fresh fruits and vegetables from our organic garden; and roots and grains. The Culinary Team alongside the culinary students prepares each meal mostly from scratch. We strive to use only natural ingredients and keep sugars and artificial ingredients out of our meals. We have vegetarian options with every meal as well as kosher meals. This allows everyone to have a healthy choice while providing a wide variety of menu options.