Student Life



Monarch School provides a safe and supportive peer culture that nurtures personal growth and learning. When a student enrolls, he or she becomes part of a community that bolsters confidence and guides each student as he or she adjusts to school life. “Big Brothers” and “Big Sisters” facilitate a student’s entrance into the Monarch family. These friends mentor new students and ease the transition into the school. They assist with dorm relations, explain and model the school agreements, and simply spend time with their new friends. As students progress through the school, they have the opportunity to become a “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” and continue our long tradition of giving.

We encourage students to discover the value of positive choices and personal accountability through each component of our curriculum: college preparatory academics, fine arts, personal development, vocational learning and outdoor education.

At Monarch School we know how to have fun. We provide numerous safe and healthy opportunities for students to exercise, explore, and to make healthier choices. All of our activities seek to empower students and to teach them how to appropriately manage their free time. Weekends are packed with activities on campus and typically include structured recreation. We also offer off-campus excursions, outdoor adventures, and team-building experiences.


Collaborative Professionals
Students implement interpersonal communication skills and work as a team. They become effective writers, speakers, listeners, and non-verbal communicators who thrive in collegiate settings.


Critical Thinkers
Students filter information to assess various situations. They use available resources and information to form solid options and create logical solutions.


Monarch School requires that students model kindness and compassion while adopting leadership positions. We present ample options for students to lead their peers: They are responsible for managing vocational classes and clean-up after each meal, for holding one another accountable in dorms as a dorm manager, and for improving our school’s overall harmony.


Community Service and Volunteering
Monarch School provides our students with abundant opportunities to practice altruism. In fact, everyday life at Monarch School inherently calls for students to exercise helping behavior. We require students to support one another in their dorms; to help one another care for our garden and our farm animals; to join one another for music lessons and on trips; and to assist with conflict resolutions.

As students progress through the steps, their understanding of altruism expands outward from their immediate peers to the surrounding environment. They go on day trips to shelters, animal shelters, soup kitchens and retirement homes in our local community.

As students approach graduation, they go on day trips to volunteer at the local animal shelter or local soup kitchen, and they also participate in a five to seven day Gift Trip, a trip based on giving to others in need. Previous gift trips have volunteered at the Poverello Center for Missoula’s homeless and underserved as well as at Camphill programs in the United States, Canada, Poland, and the UK. This understanding of altruism, focusing first on self and then expanding outward to the wider community, mirrors the general arc of our program.