Vocational Electives and Work Ethic

A key component of a Monarch education, the hands-on experience of vocational learning serves to develop a positive work ethic, practice problem solving and planning skills, and raise self-esteem. Students focus on one vocation for each fourteen-week class and work for three-hour blocks, three times per week. Skilled professionals visit campus to broaden the vocational experience. After a student completes the vocational cycle, he or she may repeat the vocation of his or her choice as a mentor or study another vocation. In addition, many older students participate in community service outside of Monarch School or job shadow in the local community.

The curriculum is designed to allow students to discover how their work benefits others. Perseverance and effort are qualities that translate to other life experiences, such as school and relationships. Click here to learn more about Monarch School’s Vocational Electives curriculum.

The vocational electives consist of: